Clients engage Grayson James Consultants for a couple of primary reasons:  They are doing fine but they want to be doing much better; or,  they’re concerned about the direction they are headed in and need help getting into a new directionfor themselves, their teams, or their organizations.

Typically, they…

  • Value having a strategic coach, sounding board and facilitator to help them design and navigate personal and/or organizational change
  • Seek to rapidly leverage growth and/or efficiency opportunities (reduce time to market, raise the next round of capital, meet stretch sales targets, transform customer experience, etc.)
  • Want to support key individuals or teams to step up to a new level of performance, creativity and/or performance
  • Are hampered by persistent cross-functional performance problems that are eating up time, money and opportunities
  • See that their organization’s culture may be inhibiting candor, accountability and strong cross-functional collaboration and accountability

“This was of tremendous value. Before, everything was on hold (I was living in resignation). Now, I am working towards making things better. I am personally extremely satisfied and I’m making a difference.”

“I was functioning under two moods, resignation and fear. Resignation because of the team not being able to work together. Fear because team members usually took things personally and attacked instead of trying to resolve an issue. I have changed and I no longer function under fear and resignation. This has allowed me to bring up issues that will positively impact this office. We now speak to each other, listen to each other, make promises to change the things that aren’t working; we are more relaxed, more at ease with each other, we are all committed to the same goals.”

“As a result of the program, I have become much more aware of organizational obstacles to developing leadership, and a corresponding, and growing, awareness of alternative ways to approach problems.”