Our clients routinely tell us…

They see new business and personal opportunities that they hadn’t seen before

They take on new challenges and pursue opportunities they hadn’t felt capable of pursuing previously

Their teams are much more productive – lower cycle times, fewer defects, improved customer experience, better coordination with other teams

Their own mood and their team’s mood is more even, upbeat and ambitious

They feel more focused on what really matters, not just their to-do’s

They’ve reached a new level of trust with their bosses, colleagues, reports and customers

Tell us how their personal relationships and satisfaction have been greatly enhanced as a result of our work

“Grayson James Consultants has been instrumental in reshaping our culture, making us more accountable and more data driven, and giving us a more expansive view of what’s possible.”

– B. Dickes, Vice President of Marketing & Sales – Regional HMO

“One of the things that GJC clearly communicated was the importance of an honest, open, trusting team that is able to discuss things. It has been truly transformative. We don’t gunnysack anything. That standard has filtered down through the organization. It has transformed the division.”

– R. Morgan, Vice President of Human Resources – Alcatel USA

“Instead of coming in with a set package of goods and fixed idea of how executives and teams should “be” to achieve success, Grayson James Consultants comes in and listens for the underlying patterns that govern how people think and act, how they collaborate and lead.”

– A. Hill, President – Ann Hill Communications

“Grayson has a way about him that isn’t just colored pencils and flip charts and a report no one ever reads. He stirs things up. He is very skilled and has good instincts. Using GJC good things happened for the organization.”

– P. Campbell, Board Officer – American Vintners Association