The Full Contact Leadership Forum is for upper or mid-level managers who want to dramatically expand their collaborative performance and leadership impact.

Based on the highly acclaimed Full Contact Performance programs delivered in organizations around the world, Leadership Forum participants rapidly…

• Enhance their authentic leadership presence and personal confidence
• Learn to build trust, collaboration and accountability with their teams and colleagues
• Remain calmer, more focused and creative in the face of challenges and change

The Leadership Forum meets every other week for 90 minutes of focused learning, reflection, facilitated dialogue and coaching with a small group of committed peers.

Because the Leadership Forum is limited to six leaders, it is an ideal space for exploring new ways of thinking and embodying their leadership goals with a small group of committed peers. Each participant is personally vetted and focused on their professional leadership development and on supporting a confidential and safe space for learning.

The Full Contact Leadership Forum is open to leaders in any company and industry, subject to personal interview. Here are a couple of comments from participants in the Leadership Coaching Forum:

“For the past year and a half, I have been blessed to participate in Grayson’s Leadership Forum sessions and I look forward to these bi-weekly sessions as they provide a unique opportunity to reflect, share and gain further insight towards developing my leadership. In addition, I learn from the challenges and successes that others in the group experience. Having continuous discussions and learnings within such a small group is a tremendous opportunity for growth – highly recommended.” (Senior Vice President Engineering)

“With Grayson’s coaching, I’ve learned to uncover and embrace the skills and confidence I’ve been seeking as a leader in my organization. The trust and support I experience with my colleagues in the Leadership Forum has enabled each of us to grow in our own ways as leaders, and virtually all of us have seen significant career growth as well.” (Vice President Customer Success)

The Full Contact Leadership Forum meets every other week. Fees are $225 per month and we request a minimum three-month commitment.

A new Full Contact Leadership Forum will be starting soon. To learn more, or to schedule an interview, please contact us at