We rapidly expand collaborative capacity and skills with leadership teams, cross-functional groups, boards, and entire organizations through our educational workshops, courses and Collaborative Performance Labs™.

Our educational programs range from short introductory workshops to eight-month+ courses. Programs are deeply interactive, engaging participants mentally, physically and emotionally to help them rapidly embody a new capacity for collaborative performance and leadership, whatever their role or position in the organization.

Each of our signature programs are designed around the four elements that produce sustained collaboration and performance:

  1. A new conceptual framework for collaborative leadership and performance in today’s business environment
  2. Focused self-reflection and performance practices that really work
  3. One-on-one and team coaching
  4. Facilitated, action-oriented conversations with colleagues, bosses and reports about the real business issues that participants are dealing with.


This workshop is all about having “real” conversations, raising and working through critical and often thorny business issues in ways that actually build trust, deepen understanding and foster deep internal commitment and accountability.  Participants learn how to remain more centered, open and effective in the face of conflict and uncertainty, with principles and practices from the “language-action” approach, martial arts, mindfulness practices and other performance disciplines.

This workshop shows participants just how critical trust is to organizational performance – and how to build it.  This program gives participants an entirely new understanding about what trust is, how trust gets damaged, and how to repair and enhance trust with their colleagues, bosses, reports, and importantly–with themselves.  Participants learn to identify where in their organization trust–or its absence–is impacting team learning, accountability and performance.

COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP™ – Basic Course (6 to 8 months)
This intensive course provides executives and mid managers with a powerful new understanding of how to harness the complex, interdependent network of business conversations and relationships in their organizations to produce aligned, collaborative leadership and performance.  This course is highly interactive, incorporating conceptual learning, Collaborative Performance Labs(TM) (focused real-world organizational issues and challenges), and practices from martial arts and personal awareness disciplines.  We get consistently exceptional feedback about this program and its lasting impacts on course participants and their organizations.

Collaborative Performance Labs™ are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions delivered within a client’s organization where participants can discuss and solve real business problems while cultivating their collaborative skills with their colleagues.  Led by a senior Grayson James Consultants coach/facilitator, these Labs are interactive, highly engaging and popular with executives, managers and line staff who get coaching and feedback on their “real-time” business, collaboration or leadership challenges.  Please email or call us at 888-851-3747 to learn more about bringing Collaborative Performance Labs™ to your organization.