About Dorene

Dorene coaches executives and consults to businesses in building collaborative leadership practices that produce superior individual and collective performance. Her specialty is helping organizations in the midst of profound change and uncertainty. Combining strong business acumen with an understanding of the creativity that exists untapped in each of us, Dorene helps clients bring forth new confidence and innovative possibilities for action.

Dorene’s business experience includes executive-level roles in human resources and customer service in financial services and healthcare; management consulting in HR and OD projects; as a director on non-profit boards; and as a veteran seminar presenter throughout the United States. Advanced education in psychology has given her an understanding of human behavior and the growing need in each of us for meaning and authenticity in our work.

As a coach and consultant, Dorene employs her expert listening and observation skills to reveal hidden misalignments of values and action that often underlie complex business issues and rob organizations and individuals of success.