World class athletes and elite performers of all types know that working with a world class coach is essential to getting and staying at the top of their game. Over the past twenty or so years, business executives in organizations all around the world have come to realize the same.

An experienced coach helps executives to see themselves, their teams and their organizations in new ways. To identify and support the thinking and behavior patterns that are working and to retool those that aren’t. To accelerate their collaborative performance and their results.

Our executive coaching clients value our assistance in…

  • Strengthening their critical relationships—with their reports, teams, peers, and their bosses, including the board
  • Accessing new levels of personal power, leadership and influence while remaining authentic and centered in their core values
  • Stepping up to new organizational leadership roles, with all of the political and organizational issues that come with the territory
  • Being a confidential sounding board and strategic thinking partner to work through thorny challenges and opportunities
  • Resolving team and organizational conflicts in ways that build trust and enhance mutual commitment
  • Cultivating “adaptive focus”—the ability to toggle seamlessly between the big picture and the details for more balanced leadership
  • Enhancing their capacity to think and perform skillfully under pressure, uncertainty and where the path forward is unchartered
  • Understanding the critical role of emotions in leadership and how to better “manage” our emotions for better performance.
  • Rapidly improving their team’s collaboration, commitment and accountability

Personal and organizational leadership doesn’t hinge upon “innate” talent. Anybody can expand their leadership if they’re committed to learning and practicing new, non-habitual ways of engaging with everyday circumstances. GJC coaches understand how this learning occurs and are skilled at providing the conceptual frameworks, practices and support that fosters new leadership.

Initial executive coaching engagements are typically six months. They involve regular coaching conversations (in-person and phone) and exercises and practices provided by the coach.  Schedules, focus priorities and specific practices are tailored to the executive’s goals, interests and circumstances.

“It’s not often we get the opportunity to recognize individuals who have made a dramatic impact on our careers, as‘ well as our lives. Your coaching polished the coarse stone…and made me the insightful and successful executive that I was to become. Please know I will always be very much appreciative of your influence on my life.”

Our work has created an atmosphere of new opportunities and possibilities. I am realizing it is possible to pursue satisfying opportunities that stimulate personal expression and makes room for it rather than taking time and energy away. And my employees meet my needs much better than before. Why? Because I am able to assess problems as process problems, not attitude problems–and this is a new capacity for me. I now make requests more respectfully and clearly, and they communicate their problems better. They have a better sense of their responsibilities, limits and opportunities, and as a result, my trust in them has improved.

I am experiencing a revolution in my thinking!