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How collaborative is your leadership team?
Our conversations determine what we see and where we go
Where are your team's boundaries?
It's not just what we know, but how we adapt
How agile is your team in rapid change and uncertainty?
Skillful action isn't about pushing harder
How can your team work smarter?
rapid change demands a strong center
What holds your team together?

Organizations must be able to change to stay alive. But most change efforts, no matter how sincerely attempted, fail.

Here are five reasons why change fails:

1. Solving the “wrong” problem.

“Solutions” only work if they solve the right problem. And identifying the right problem to solve isn’t always as easy as it seems. Even though the desired outcomes for a change initiative may seem straightforward, the organizational problems that are read more.


The Customer Care organization at this global tech company needed an overhaul. Customer’s issues took too long to resolve, live support was spotty in some regions, and customer satisfaction wasn’t what it could be. Rather than attempt to patch the holes via incremental improvement, this executive opted to transform her entire organization from the ground up. “Nothing is off the table, and none of us knows what our job may look like… read more

  • THE TELL-FEST (and other conversation killers)

We’ve all been there. A leadership team meeting, board meeting, project team meeting, it could be any meeting in any organization, almost anywhere on the planet. Sometimes you know its coming and you just wait it out. Other times it sneaks up on you. Or perhaps you’re the one who starts the party and you just keep on partying.

It’s the tell-fest—that meeting or conversation that consists mostly (or sometimes entirely) of people talking at each other. Telling each other… read more…

I have known Grayson for over a decade, first leveraging his services in 2000, then again in 2005 and most recently from 2011 to the present. Grayson has made outstanding contributions to Genesys team performance both with the senior leadership team and with the broader organization. His contributions to effective communication, teamwork and culture have been truly transformative.

“Grayson has helped me and other members of our leadership team here think beyond our usual frame of reference and always consider a broader range of possibilities for the organization. This has helped us to be more creative and innovative as we look for ways to meet the challenges of our business.”

“For me, the immediate impacts of this program have been increased morale and productivity, more effective communication between me and my team, peers and execs, and real tangible results in getting things done more efficiently and with less churn.”

GJC has a unique ability to quickly understand organizational dynamics, to bring out fundamental questions and issues that have been left unsaid, and help evolve groups towards being a high-performance team. Grayson has done such a good job at our company, his techniques and language are now part of the culture of the 2,000 people working here even though many of them have not met Grayson or worked with him directly. I plan to continue to leverage Grayson for many years to come.

“As a result of the Collaborative Leadership program, I have become much more aware of organizational obstacles to developing leadership, and a corresponding, and growing, awareness of alternative ways to approach problems.”

Grayson James is more than a consultant — he immerses himself in your business objectives and teaches you how to truly transform organizations and outcomes. Grayson’s focus on context and real conversation helps generate alignment, conviction and new leadership in high-performing teams. Through Grayson, I and others who work with me have learned to question the status quo, to set higher and higher goals for ourselves and to attain them in the form of revenue growth, increased profitability and measurable customer and employee satisfaction. Grayson has helped me perform at the top of my game – as an executive and as a leader.

The Samurai Game®

Why are companies all over the world using this iconic simulation experience to jumpstart their leadership development programs and build stronger, more accountable and agile teams?

The short answer is that it is unlike any other simulation program out there. Since its creation in the late 1970’s, tens of thousands of people around the world have participated in the internationally acclaimed Samurai Game®.

As a team-building and leadership development simulation The Samurai Game® is particularly effective at revealing the power of collaboration, integrity and focus in situations marked by uncertainty and rapid change. Click here to learn more.